Aaron Bailey: A Humble Champion

Aaron Bailey: A Humble Champion

Aaron Bailey is the focal point of the 2013 Illinois recruiting class. We spoke with him recently following his season opener and look at what his commitment means.

Commit: Aaron Bailey

Date Committed: 4/26/2012

Position: Quarterback

Bailey is arguably the centerpiece of the Illinois recruiting class thus far, and not-so-arguably made a statement when he chose the in-state Illini. Though Bailey has a big arm, he did most of his damage this past season with his feet, rushing for just short of the 2,000 yard mark en route to recording 30 rushing touchdowns.

Bailey, along with Illinois freshman Robert Bain and Florida freshman Antonio Morrison led Bolingbrook to a Class 8A State Championship last season, something Bailey hopes to duplicate this year. In that game, Bailey accumulated 149 yards rushing on 33 carries for two touchdowns, and he threw for another 145 yards, despite less than desirable weather. It won't be nearly as easy to repeat with all of the talent that graduated, including leading receiver Xavier "X Factor" Perkins, but Bailey is a special athlete who will be a fun one to watch all year.

What He Brings:

Bailey looks like a quarterback in a linebacker's body, but not a stout linebacker. He is 6'2" and a legitimate 225 pounds of rock solid athlete. Physically, he is built much like Antonio Morrison was in high school. But his build doesn't interfere with his motion at all. He's still a very dynamic athlete that has speed, quickness, and power.

What Can Improve:

It's hard to be too critical of a guy like Bailey, but the fact is, he is still relatively unproven in game situations as a passer. At Illinois, he will be playing in a spread offense, taking a majority of snaps from the shotgun formation. Bolingbrook will most likely be run-heavy yet again this year, but Bailey is expected to take more snaps out of the shotgun this year, which should be a good indicator of how he'll handle more of a spread look heading into college. How he will handle a greater amount of passing will tell just how complete of a quarterback he is.

What Is Unique:

A lot of athletes have interesting metrics for their abilities. For Bailey, his just proves that he has the arm strength to drop bombs from anywhere on the field. Kneeling at his own 20 yard line, Bailey is able to throw a ball to the opponent's 20 yard line. A lot of quarterbacks can't throw a ball 60 yards at all, and Bailey is doing it from one knee.

One-on-one With Bailey:

Recently we spoke with Bailey to get an update on how his offseason progress was and his plans for this fall:

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